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The Design Factory is a web design company, providing quality web design to a range of global clients across varied sectors of industry. Implementing design techniques that convert highly, bringing a business consistent sales and loyalty. We work ardently with businesses to achieve aesthetically pleasing, user friendly and customer luring websites.

If you are planning to enter the online business, you need to have your website. Your website will be your online identity in the virtual world. It is your website that shall help you display products, attract customers and traffic, and assist you to earn a return on your investment. So it is doubtless that website is an integral part of online success.

Web design is so necessary because it shall simply assist you to create your online presence amongst a myriad number of websites. It will help you impart a unique and distinct identity to your company. With web design, you can easily add visual details to your website. Remember that if your website is not attractive, there are chances that visitors shall shun away and restore to your competitors.

Another factor where web design plays an important role is the interactivity and functionality of the website. With proper web design, the visitors will be able navigate through the website easily, browse the various features of the website and will also be able to locate the right information required by them. And thus the motto of the website will be served.

Most of the people make the common mistaking of trying to do the web design task by themselves in order to make cost savings. This decision is only the right decision provided you are a web designer. Remember that any money spent on web design is an investment and shall give you returns.
Why Design Is So Important
There are billions of websites out there all competing for business in their own sector. A website is the spokesperson of an organization, the silent front man of your business, and in the modern day the first thing a client or customer sees when researching a business or conducting a transaction is the website. Your website is a visual representation of all aspects of your organization and needs to convey your ‘core story’ to the user. From the logo to the color scheme to the content, every part of your website needs to consolidate into a powerfully positive message to your intended audience. If the design is inappropriate and misrepresents the values and intention of a company, business will suffer and the website will fail to fulfill the potential of the company.
How We Can Help
Our designers tailor each website to the specific requirements of an organization. We avoid generic web design because we know from experience that every business is unique in its approach and every industry operates under different dynamics. We work with you to design a website that connects with your target audience in the way you require. We deliver compelling web page design with high-level site navigation to maximize your online potential.
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